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Recycle It Global's (RIG) point of inception was on the first train to depart from Plymouth to London on a Monday morning. As we contemplated the complexities around global waste processing, we started discussing the inefficiencies around the way waste is currently processed, with its high costs, huge environmental impacts and inability to provide the construction industry with sustainable materials that meet the same quality controls as primary rock quarries.

We discussed innovative solutions, to better understand how we could become a global, one stop shop that provides a sustainable disposal option for technical waste. Not only does this address the global waste crisis, but it also provides sustainable products back to the worlds growing infrastructure. Our intrinsic desire to develop a process that was not only cost effective, but scalable to a point that most of the world could implement this technology in large towns and cities. A solution that would end millions of unnecessary transport miles and landfill pressure, in highly regulated countries, whilst being cost effective enough that less regulated markets would install our technology.

RIG is now an established company with developed solutions to the most complex of wastes. Our management team has a proven track record for success in the industry, with huge ambitions to drive change across the world. Our agenda is to provide cost effective solutions, that deliver higher quality controls than those set by UK and global legislation.


Dedication. Expertise. Innovation.

RIG's board of directors have been specifically chosen for their experience and educational background. Our diverse board come from a variety of industries, deliberately to challenge the status quo of the waste industry. Our board is designed to match our ethos, with sustainability, compliance, and risk management running through the veins of our team. 

A management team with a proven track record for executing large scale projects globally, from the aggregates, waste, processing, shipping, mining and logistics sectors. Our board have listed companies and lead innovation projects of global importance.

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